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Move towards a pollution free electricity with our solar power solutions.

Take control of your power supply and costs with solar panels.

Make your best choice from our most popular solar power solutions. Our solar systems are designed to suit your unique needs. With an option of battery, store electricity to power your essential appliances during a power-cut or night times. Gain greater freedom from your irregular grid supply. Most importantly, make huge savings on your monthly electricity bills.

Latest Solar Panel Technology

Cutting edge solar power systems for your home, business and industry

At Prominous Solar, we integrate some the most advanced solar power modules and technologies. We aspire to deliver the most amount of energy, maximum savings and a reliable system. Our fully-integrated design approach to solar power systems, battery storage, regular monitoring and maintenance services make our solar solutions deliver a worthwhile investment for you with greater returns and peace of mind. 

Save up to 90% on your electricity bills.
Clean Energy and Energy Management Solutions
Agriculture and Commercial Solar Pumping Solutions

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With Prominous, you will have a seamless experience switching in to solar, resulting from the learning of highly experienced team. Collectively with over 20 years of experience executing a vast number of projects across both residential and a diverse range of industries, means your solar installation project will not only meet your unique requirement, but will also be delivered just right, on time and with outstanding quality.

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About Prominous Solar

Prominous Solar is a leading technology innovator and solar power systems integrator. We design, build, install, operate and maintain residential rooftop solar panels and commercial solar power plants.

Founded by a leadership team with over three decades of global experience, we passionately believe in continuous innovation to create a sustainable social environment. 


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