How to conserve energy and save on your electricity bills

As the world goes through this pandemic phase, every one of us has been confined to work from home either by choice or not. So, when we are at home, most of the time, without even realizing it we will be relying more and more on electricity to power our appliances like lights, fan, air-conditioner, laptop and computers. In many households, possibly most of these electrical appliances are used at the same time, which eventually increases the monthly electricity bills significantly.

Here are some tips to save energy and save money on your electricity bills.

  1. Turn off lights during day time and use natural sunlight as much as possible.
  2. Electrical appliances like TV, home theatre, sound systems switched on but kept on standby mode, can consume up to 30% power. You could consider switching off completely when they are not in use.
  3. Shut down computers or Laptops if you are not using them for a while. 
  4. Replace your traditional light bulbs and CFL lights to LED.
  5. Use natural ventilation where possible to cool down. 
  6. If you use an air-conditioner, keep the temperature between 23°C – 25°C, this will conserve energy, while still keeping you cool. Make sure the windows and doors are properly closed. Clean the filter once a month.
  7. Inverter Air conditioner and Refrigerators consume less power. Purchase them if you are likely to buy a new one.

Also, Summer’s here

While the above-mentioned tips are good for general usages, during summer the temperature soars up to 45°C in and we get enormous amounts of sunlight in many parts of India.  Continuous usage of these electrical appliances during summer, will have a huge impact on the environment and potentially double the power usage and electricity cost. So, what can we do in summer to reduce the bill?

Here is a god-given gift right at your rooftop. You could switch to a much cleaner and cheaper power by installing solar power for your house. That way you could avoid using your conventional electricity which is mainly produced by burning coal and polluting the environment.

Switch to solar. save on electricity bills

India, being a tropical country located above the equator, our region gets sunlight throughout the year. With more than 330 sunny days per year, India becomes the 5th country in the world surpassing Italy in solar power installations. Switching to solar is a great way homeowners can reduce electricity bills. 

Not only during summer, by switching to solar, but you can also save a large portion of your electricity bill all through the year.

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