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Welcome to the Knowledge Series. With our various blogs, videos, How to articles and FAQ’s get the in-depth knowledge on solar. From what is solar to installation process, we help you all the way to switch to solar.



Types of Solar Power System

This video talks about the different type of solar power systems and the working principles of different type of solar power system like ongrid, offgrid and hybrid system.

Off-Grid Solar Project

This video shows typical residential  off-grid solar power system project development stages. The images are taken from a work site where shadow-free space was a constraint.

Solar Myths

In this video, we are trying to clear things off and bust a few common solar myths, so that you get to know more about how solar power systems really work.

Solar Power - The essential and Future

Since it has become a new normal, for most of us to work from home, learn and entertain at home. We will be relying on more and more electricity during daytime as well as night times than ever before.

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Commercial Solar Power System

Powering Businesses

Find out more about how to gain control over your power requirement and reduce energy costs with solar power plants.

Residential Off-Grid System

Prominous Shakthi

Gives you the power to generate solar power and also store it, so that you can use even during power cuts.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters concentrate heat from the sun to boil water through out the day.

Solar Pumping System

Solar Water Pumps

Life saver for agriculture and farmers. Solar water pumps comes with long life and minimal maintenance.