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Hybrid Solar System-1kw

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This smart Hybrid Solar System 1kW, designed to produce, supply and store the solar power. It can supply enough electricity for a typical 1-2 bedroom house, without taking power from the main grid. Integrated with a powerful battery pack, the system stores solar electricity for your use anytime.

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Hybrid Solar System-1kW Product Description

This Hybrid Solar System-1kW is ideal for a 2 bedroom house that generates and supplies electricity for daytime use. Even more so, this Hybrid Solar System comes integrated with a powerful battery pack that stores solar power for your use during day and night. As a result, it gives you significant savings on your monthly electricity bills.

Number of appliances that can be connected to solar

LED Lights - 3 & CFL Lights - 4


Ceiling Fan - 2


TV - 1


Fridge - 1



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Hybrid Solar System-1kW package includes:

  • Mono / Polycrystalline Panel
  • Hybrid Inverter
  • Solar grade batteries: 2Nos.
  • Mounting Frame
  • Accessories – Cables and Connectors
  • Panel – Polycrystalline panels
  • Space Required – 100 sq.ft of shadow-free space
  • Panel Dimension – (L)1960mm*(W)990mm*(H)40mm
  • Panel weight – 22.5 kgs/ panel
  • Inverter weight – 8kgs
Panel features
Manufacturer's Warranty

Product Warranty: 10 years              

Performance Warranty : 25 years


High resistance from extreme conditions like salt mist and corrosion

Performance and Productivity

Better performance even at low light conditions

Higher efficiency and minimum loss

High grade solar panels with excellent temperature withstanding capability


Fire Safety: Class C (Type I)              

Electrical Safety: Class II


1500vdc polycrstalline panel 

Upto 17.31% conversion efficiency

3.2mm, AR coated tempered glass

IEC and BIS certified

PID resistance

IP67/IP68 rated junction box

Voltage at max. power Vmp(V)-37.70

Open circuit voltage Voc(V)-46.50


Current at max power Imp(A)-8.9

Short circuit current Isc(A)-9.26

Inverter features

Compact and Sleek design blends with your home decor. Integrated with an LCD display provides real time visual information to you.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor system status and solar power produced through Wifi or GPRS Kit(Optional)

Maximum Efficiency

MPPT Efficiency >99% (Maximum Power Point tracker)
Over  97.6% at peak productivity

Power Input

Max. DC input – 1000w
Max. solar voltage – 145Vdc
Max. input current – 30A
MPPT voltage range – 15-115Vdc

Power Output

Max. AC output– 1000w
Max. solar voltage – 230Vac
Max. output current – 4.3A
voltage range – 180-264Vac


IP65 protected inverter

Lowest noise emission at < 25db

IEC Certified

Type: MPPT

Output Waveform: Sine wave

Additional Note
  • Number of panels selection depends on space availability, cost and will be selected optimally to deliver maximum output. 
  • Product rates are inclusive of taxes.
  • Product Installation costs are extra. This cost may vary based on the location, scope and amount of work involved.
  • Our prices listed above excludes internal AC wiring and any civil engineering work that may be required.
  • Installation service charges may vary based on your location, scope and amount of work involved. 
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