Optimus 1250 Combo Pack

Luminous Optimus 1250 combo pack is a reliable home inverter that is paired with a luminous 150ah battery and can be optimized to provide longer battery backup.

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Luminous Optimus 1250 Combo Pack

Product Description

Optimus 1250 combo pack consists of a Luminous RC18000 150ah Tall tubular battery and an Optimus 1250 inverter. This inverter also allows users to select the output voltage and charging current to optimize the inverter and battery performance. This inverter also comes with dual operating modes. Eco and Ups mode to improve performance. With the availability of by-pass switches, this EB inverter ensures safety for the home. Optimus 1250 supports a 12V single battery. 150ah tubular battery will be able to store around 1 unit of power which can power your home for up to 4-5 hours. 


State-of-the-art LCD Display to show real-time inverter performance.


Lights, Fans, TV.

Manufacturer's Warranty

Optimus 1250: 2 years 
150ah battery: 3 years 

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Sine wave
  • Phase: Single phase
  • Max. Capacity: 1100VA/ 924W
  • Max. charging current: 18A
  • Battery Type: Lead acid
  • Battery Volt: 12v


  • Supports Tall Tubular, Flat, SMF and Local Batteries.
  • Superfast Technology for fast charging.
  • Eco & Ups Mode.
  • Full Charge even at a low voltage of 95V.
  • Noiseless Operations with the help of low harmonic distortion.
  • 12V single batteries.
    By-pass switches for safety.
  • Tubular Technology battery – Robust Tubular plates.
  • Low antimony alloy is used for low maintenance.
  • Suitable for areas with frequent and long power cuts.
  • Excellent overcharge tolerance (accepts very deep discharge-suitable for areas with long power cut).


  • Luminous Optimus 1250 dimension
    W*D*H: 30X 27.5 X 13.9 cm
    Weight: 12kgs
  • Luminous 150ah battery dimesnion
    W*D*H: 50.2 x 19.1 x 44 cm
    Distilled water filled Weight: 52.5kgs


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Additional Note

  • Product rates are inclusive of taxes
  • Transportation and Installation costs are extra. This may vary based on the location, scope and amount of work involved. 
  • Product colour, design and dimensions may vary based on capacity and availability.

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