Solar Energy Systems

Empowering your business in a Cleaner, Greener, Profitable way

Solar Energy Systems are cleaner, greener and quicker to build alternative solution to conventional power supply. Forward looking companies are already installing solar power systems to produce their own power to increase their energy capacity, thereby reducing dependency on unreliable power grids and unpredictable power cuts.

In addition to creating energy independence and gaining greater control over power supply, solar systems also help companies get higher predictability and huge savings on energy costs. Companies install these solar panels, rooftop systems not only for the attractive financial benefits, but also as a corporate social responsibility.

Solar power plant can be installed on a roof top or ground mounted depending on your environment and shadow free space availability. Energy is produced through photovoltaic panels (PV) that convert sun light into electricity. The produced electricity is converted into usable AC power supply through a solar power inverter.

Power produced from the solar panels can be directly connected to the main load in your buildings for lighting, air conditioner, motors, water pumps, machines, computers and other office equipment etc., during the day. In parallel, the produced power can also be stored in batteries for use during night times.

Our Services

By staying brand independent, we are able to provide an unbiased view of the various solar panels, solar inverter, battery technologies and solar system configurations to our clients. Design the best possible system architecture at an optimum price point for maximum benefit. Our expertise and power plant installation services spans across the whole spectrum to build, operate and maintain the entire power systems to maximize the efficiency, electricity production and lifetime of the unit.

Approach and Methodology

We combine world class technologies to develop solutions customized to our clients. Our team experts deliver outstanding service right from site surveys, design, installation, post installation warranty and maintenance support.

How to start in solar power technology?

We have helped a number of clients with varied levels of solar power requirements and business environments from residential, commercial buildings, hospitals and manufacturing industries. We understand that installing and investing in a solar power plant is a very important decision, critical to every business and it goes through multiple levels of decision making process.

Reach out to us, we will be happy to discuss, highlight the benefits, explain the technology and ease of use. We will work with you to prepare an optimum solar system that is beneficial for you.

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