Continuous hot water supply without the cost of electricity.

Produce hot water all day with the power of sun

Solar water heaters also known as solar thermal systems, concentrate heat from the sun to boil water through out the day. Store hot water in insulated tanks to supply continuous water for shower, kitchen and throughout your household. Reduces your heavy geyser electricity bills either completely or can be complemented with the conventional water heater to supplement during night times.

Evacuated Tube Collector

Engineered to achieve high efficiency in heat absorption and maximum utilization of solar thermal energy to boil water quickly.  Installed with a very high quality insulated water tank, the system minimizes heat loss to provide hot water all day.

Flat plate solar water heaters

Designed and time tested for hot weather conditions. The system works based on converting both direct and indirect solar thermal energy for water heating.  Flat panel heaters are cost effective solution for residential usage. 

Benefits of installing solar water heaters


High temperature hot water in all weather seasons.


Uses no electricity, thereby providing huge savings on electricity bills.


Our products and services are of the highest quality for performance and reliability.


They have very long lifetime and requires minimum maintenance.

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