Website Trade Policy

The following are the trade policies adopted by Prominous Innovations Private Limited (the company) while you (a customer or their representative purchasing a product or service through this website) make a purchase from this website.  

  1. The company  reserves the right to refuse sale of products or services to any one at its discretion.
  2. The products or services shall not be used for any illegal purposes.
  3. Prices of products are subject to variations. The company reserves the right to cancel or discontinue any product at its discretion.
  4. All product deliveries within India will take 7 to 10 days.
  5. Order cancellation, can be initiated within 24 hours without any additional charges. If it is cancelled after 24 hours, 10% of the product cost will be retained by the company to cover the order processing and administration costs. 
  6. We ensure all products we trade are of  very high quality and we coordinate with our suppliers to ensure they are packaged properly for damage  free transit. However, if you find that a product is damaged during transit, please  contact us within 7 days, in the contact details provided below. We shall arrange for understanding the nature of damage either through phone conversation or by personal visit of our representative and if damages that impair the function of the system are identified, we will replace the product at no additional cost, if the damage occurred during transit. However, once the product has been installed at your premises, we cannot replace them. For all  manufacturing defects identified, we will connect you with the manufacturer who shall deal with the same according to product warranty.
  7. Our products are chosen with utmost care for quality to ensure customer satisfaction. However, the performance of a solar energy product also depends on other factors beyond our control, such as weather, maintenance and geographical location etc. We want the customers to be aware of this. However, should customers need additional support on maintenance of the units or professional consultation on energy optimization, we can offer the same as a separate service. We strive to add value for money for the customer by optimizing their energy use or help them free from power cut problems. 
  8. When customers  provide credit card information through the website, we take all efforts to process the payment securely in accordance with the terms of our payment gateway. However, the company shall not take responsibility for any data interception at the customer’s end. The customer also agrees to irrevocably release and if necessary compensate the company for any charges or penalties levied by the payment gateway for processing a payment when the credit card details were compromised at the customer’s end. 
  9. For any customer service queries, pleas contact : Prominous Innovations Private Limited,94, F2, P.Krishnan Street, Kanagadhara Nagar,Valasaravakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600087. Email : Phone: +91 99629 86040

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